Her name

You all are great at puzzles!  Many people found the answer, but I’ll make it easy for those like me, who don’t want to place undue strain on an already strained brain.

The two final possibilities for a first name were Hannah and Bethany.

The two final possibilities for a middle name were Grace and Joy, though some of us toyed with the idea of Hope as well.  Mercy, Peace and Patience were also high on the list, at least for me.

My favorite strictly for sound and rhythm was Hannah Grace, but we ruled it out partly because the meaning was rather redundant.  At least one astute reader figured this out too.

The clues to the final choice were found in the pictures tags and titles on this post; several readers caught this as well.

We were so torn between lovely choices that in the end I simply bowed out of the decision; I was delighted with any of the possibilities that remained.  The children all clamored for their favorites, and hubby called out to the midwife, who was waiting patiently with her pen poised over the birth certificate form:

Bethany Grace.

A name puzzle

Although I was rooting for Patience or Tara as a first name early on, the more we got to know our little girl the less those names seemed to fit.  They both sounded dark-haired and dark-eyed (like so many of our daughters, but not like this one).  I’m glad we didn’t decide ahead of time.

Thank you for all the suggestions for baby names!  I have a feeling we’ll be looking back through the archives someday when the next girl arrives.  I can’t believe how close so many of you were to guessing the baby’s name; I think somebody even got it, though it was before we had firmly decided ourselves.

There were a couple of clues here and there: I used the prospective middle names in this post, and a couple of you picked up on another clue which was let out before we had actually decided.

You all picked up well on the Hebrew clue because everybody thought Hannah and Naomi.  You almost had us – both names from our final list of choices were guessed in the comments.

Our baby girl has a new name already.  However, I thought it would be fun to make a puzzle of it.  The two final first names are contained somewhere in this post:  For each one, I managed to casually fit a series of words into the post where the first letter of each word spells out the name.  At least, they look casual to me.  Can you spot them?  And can you guess which one we chose?

And one final question: are y’all having fun with this, or are we just driving you nuts?  Cuz I could just out with it and end the suspense…

Even more pics



The baby’s name is…

…almost decided.

We seem to have narrowed the choices to 2 first names and 2 middle names, for a grand total of 4 possibilities.  By God’s good grace, we hope to have the joy of making the announcement tomorrow.

By way of a clue, both possible first names are Hebrew; both prospective middle names are virtue names.

I Have Ankles, and other updates

  • I know I complained a lot about swelling in my ankles this time, but I have to say that our whole household is a little shocked at how skinny they are now.  There are bones in my ankles, for cryin’ out loud!  Apparently they were enormously swollen even when they weren’t, if you know what I mean.  I thought my calves looked big for the last few months too and now they are surprisingly spindly.  Well, spindly for a girl who has always had meaty legs…
  • The Boy’s birthday was yesterday.  Hubby left me the baby and a big helper and took the other 7 children out on some errands, including the hunt for a birthday present.  They all came back glowing with loads of loot for the happy kid plus one “anti birthday present” that we will post about soon.  The Boy hates it, but hubby just couldn’t resist and I’m glad.
  • The baby still has no name, though negotiations have begun.  Soon, people.  We’re working on it.
  • She is eager to nurse but her technique is going to need some work.  I am in serious pain in that region.
  • The rest of me is feeling great.  I’m enjoying plenty of rest and light duty, but as usual I feel like a phony.  This isn’t recovery; this is vacation.  Either way, I’ll take it.
  • Boys are fun, but girls are sweet.  The nursery rhyme is right: snips ‘n’ snails vs. sugar and spice.  Once again, I’m reveling in the contrast.

How to score a lot of chocolate

Try accidentally deleting your church’s entire website. Two weeks before the annual conference/talent show.  If your husband is the very understanding type, he just might bring home an unprecedented amount of chocolate to soften the blow.  Of course, I still have to finish rebuilding the site.

And I had been joking about giving birth onstage as my talent act.  Maybe I’ll go up there with a laptop and show them my ability to commit mass destruction with a single unintentional keystroke.  Now that takes talent, wouldn’t you agree?

At least my living room floor is finished.  Hubby and I and several of the older girls worked until well past midnight, then finally went to bed with a couple of hours worth of work left.  This morning, I slept late; don’t ask how late because I’m not telling.  At late-o-clock in the morning, Deanna brought me my Bible and the laptop and suggested that I might like to stay in bed for a while longer.  My guilty conscience took one look at the clock and jumped out of bed, dragging me along for the ride.

Outside my bedroom door, I found the remainder of the tile job nearly finished.  The Boy was playing contentedly outside under the supervision of 6yo Becca and  8yo Natalie, while Deanna and Lydia worked quietly and diligently, painstakingly cutting the last row of tile to fit around the edges of the room.  Hubby had taken the other 3 children to work with him.

Sorry. No before pics.  It was just too horrible.

I have to admit, I was a little nervous at first.  I looked around wondering just how well they had been paying attention to the finer points of measuring and cutting tile last night at midnight, but I have to admit: the floor looks fabulous.  I have no idea where the adult handiwork left off and that of the children began.

Now we’re considering where to put the bookcases when we reconstruct the room.

Oh, and speaking of reconstruction, I’ll have to work some more on the church site.  Ugh.  Bad Kim.  Bad, bad, bad!

You might be spending too much time on the computer…

Would you think you were spending too much time online if you looked out the window and saw this:

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They used to build dolls and dinosaurs out of duplo blocks.  Now they’ve upgraded to electronics.

Tortilla dreams

Sometimes Rachael is a small adult in a 3yo’s body, and sometimes she is thoroughly three.

Her first groggy words to me this morning, spoken as her feet swung from the potty:

“Mom, I slept with a bag of tortillas last night.”

Me: “Umm…good morning, honey.  Why did you sleep with tortillas?”

Rachael: “Because I was hungry and I wanted to eat some in the night.”

Me: “Did you eat any?”

Rachael: “No, because the bag was tied and I couldn’t get it open.  But now I can’t find the tortillas.”

I knew this was not a dream because I had set out a bag of to defrost the night before and they were, indeed, gone.  And they did, indeed, turn up in her bed.  They were thoroughly defrosted and still securely closed with a twist tie.

A conspiracy

My girls planned a little plot that made me glow, and I have to tell y’all about it.

This year they had far more money than usual for Christmas shopping so their gifts to each other were not the usual Dollar Tree (where everything’s a dollar!) variety.  About 2 weeks before Christmas, 3 of the older girls confided to me that they had pooled enough money to buy Kaitlyn a sewing machine.  She has been begging, wishing, and heavily hinting for one for a long time, so I knew this was a great idea.  Anyway, my own sewing machine broke months ago, and I knew she wouldn’t mind sharing.  🙂

Over the next week, hubby and I spent a lot of time helping them choose the right model.  We whispered and plotted, checked the internet for reviews, and furtively haunted the sewing sections of 3 or 4 different stores while Deanna and Kaitlyn were off shopping in another part of the store.

We had a few scares: Kaitlyn really wanted a sewing machine and kept gravitating toward the same areas, or peeking over my shoulder while I was reading reviews online.  I coolly explained that I was really hoping hubby might get me one for Christmas or my birthday, and was dropping him hints by looking.  It was true.  Even if Kait was getting a sewing machine, I thought it would be nice to have 2 in the house; after all, I didn’t want to presume too much upon her Christmas gift.

Another time, while I was sitting and talking with Kaitlyn, one of the younger girls asked, “I forgot.  Who were we putting our money together for?  Who is getting a sewing machine for Christmas?”  gulp.  Kait looked very interested, but I stayed calm, and told her that she had heard us talking a lot about sewing machines because I was hoping to get one soon.  After all, it was true.  I was hoping.  7yo Natalie was satisfied with the answer, and dropped the subject without blowing the secret.brother.jpg

Finally, late Saturday night, hubby found a great buy on good machine.  He called me to look up the model to check prices and reviews, and we agreed that this was the one.  He brought it home and stowed it under the house.  Later that night, he almost blew the surprise – he was talking to me about the sewing machine in a loud whisper, with Kaitlyn right next to us.  “That’s too loud!” I hissed at him.  He obediently shushed.  Maybe that should have been a clue, but I never saw the surprise coming.  Would you have been less surprised than I was?

My birthday was Monday, and guess what the girls (including Kaitlyn) gave me?

11 pictures (and one to grow on) of Lydia on her 11th birthday

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Long ago (like 4 or 5 years) in a land far away (called Ohio)

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There lived a little girl with pigtails

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And a beautiful smile….

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She had four sisters (at the time)

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and loved to dress up for Easter

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in dresses her mama made…

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she especially loved the zoo

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but not necessarily naps…..

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she liked to count really BIG numbers

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and her kisses brightened mama and daddy’s days…

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We are very thankful that God has given us 11 years to share with her.

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We Love you

Perry IV