I have 8 siblings now!!!!!

Posted by: Lydia mae

This is my new sister. She weighs 7# and 10 ounces. She is 20 1/2″ long and does not have a name yet, but some of us think that her name should be Tara.  I think that Her name should be Patience because she didn’t cry when she was born and doesn’t cry very much.

She is very content and Perry loves her just as much as anyone else does. He is so protective. When she
(the baby) started to cry in her sleep for just a minute, he came running over and said: “Baby cry Mom, Baby cry” and started to look concerned. Mom told him that she (the baby) was fine and that she was just sleeping. I am glad that he is not jealous of her getting all of the attention.

Baby stats

Our new little girl still has no name.  If hubby and I could manage to wake up at the same time, maybe we could discuss the matter…

She was born at 8:07 AM, after about 7 hours of active labor – starting when I tried in vain to get some sleep last night.

She weighed in at 7 lbs, 10 oz. and is 20.5 inches long, placing her firmly on the small side in our family.

She seems quiet and alert, and didn’t want to cry at birth.  She was perfectly content to look around and watch the commotion that surrounded her arrival.

Her siblings are all predictably excited except The Boy, who is utterly in love but completely unsurprised.  Apparently he never doubted us when we told him there was a baby in Mom’s belly and he would be holding it soon.  He has plastered her with kisses at every chance, and comes thundering to her rescue at every unhappy sound.

I’m feeling fine, though of course I’m ever-so-glad to have the experience behind me.  The labor itself wasn’t bad, but the last hour or two was a lot more painful than I expected, and the actual delivery itself was, as always, The Worst Part.

I was up all night and have only dozed on and off for 2 hours today, so am more sleepy than anything else.

another pic for your viewing pleasure

First Picture

(at approximately 2 minutes old)

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!

ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!! ITS A GIRL!!!!!!!!!


The Midwife has  been here for a while and Dad said about twenty minutes ago that Mom is about ready to  push.

Don’t you wish that you were here to welcome the new baby instead of having to wait for pictures?

actually the suspense is about the same here.



kaitlyn here i have been faking sleep for about 1-2 hours. 🙂

The midwife got here about 10 minutes ago.

it wont be long now….

still no midwife…

…but all is well.

contractions are holding steady a 3 minutes and growing longer.

This maybe the last update for a while. I need to go rub her back.

Words I’ve never heard her say before…

(…about blogging; what did YOU think I was talking about) 😀

“I’m feeling surprisingly ambivalent” (about posting)

KimC  – just after a strong contraction (they’re about 3 minutes apart now)

Update (by Perry)

THe midwife is on the way and Kim is in the pool.

Contractions are hard enough to be difficult to talk through…(I hope the midwife gets here in time!)

once she hits 5 minutes there is usually less than a couple of hours left – and the midwife is an hour away.