Photo shoot

So, during my little blog hiatus Perry and I had a quick photo shoot.  I know we’re long overdue for an update to our photo header, but this one was more fun and much easier.

We shared one of the photos on Facebook, but it was really hard to choose a favorite so I’m going to share my six favorites here.  Which is your favorite?

IMG_5933 IMG_5929

IMG_5928 IMG_5926

IMG_5920 IMG_5919

Just for fun

I was just looking through old digital photos, trying to find some pics of Calvin for a post about him, and I came across these.  I just had to share.


Doesn’t Jerry Lee Lewis look fabulous in blue?


I don’t know much about this guy except that I’ve been laughing about the poor fellow’s name since I was a little kid.


I always did like Bing Crosby.


Bill Cosby looks a little like Mr. Rogers, don’t you think?


I don’t know about you, but I say Johnny Matthis has never looked better.


And isn’t Julie Andrews just adorable?  I could just squeeze her!



See?  This is what it’s like in my house.  Crazy people live here.

Caption wanted!

This was a lot of fun on Facebook, and I bet it will be just as much fun here.

Can you help me caption this?


Some of my favorites so far:

 I specifically asked for the milk to be poured before the cereal.

Breathe…calm…Maybe she won’t find out…

No, for the last time, no you can not play with my barbies Mom.


Happy birthday, Parker!

I’ve been a slacker when it comes to birthdays, so I hope no one will think I’m playing favorites by posting about Parker today.  My ovarian guilt will wake up at the slightest tweak, so y’all be nice, ok?


Parker is 3 today, and he announced earlier this week that he wants cereal for his birthday dinner.  See?  He loves me.  He also loves cake.


And cookie dough.  He loves cookie dough.  Not that he’s my favorite kid, or anything.


Perhaps you have seen his meme making the rounds?  Yes, my boy is famous.  I’m kicking myself because we didn’t add our url to the bottom of the image when we created it, because it has been shared EVERYWHERE.


Parker wasn’t the easiest baby.  He was high-strung, easily startled, and more needy than our other children.  But he is also incredibly easy to correct.  A bad attitude usually vanishes if we just tell him to be happy, and he is always ready to ask or grant forgiveness.

Recently he started waking up every morning in a foul mood, crying and grouching at anyone that crossed his path.  He always asked forgiveness willingly once he was thoroughly awake, but it was quickly getting old.  One night as I tucked him in, I told him how rude it was to greet his family that way in the morning.  “You should use a happy voice and tell them, ‘Good morning!'”  He cheerfully agreed.

The next morning he woke up grouchy as usual.  When I reminded him of his resolution to be happy in the morning, he grumpily responded that he had changed his mind.

But the following morning – be still my heart!  He staggered out of bed and groggily made the rounds greeting each person he met just as we had rehearsed, his smile growing bigger  with each greeting.  “Good morning, Perry!…Good morning, Megan!”  After the first 3 or 4, he looked around and asked, “Is that a happy voice?!”

That’s my boy.


Snapshot : pool time!


Calvin is not sure what to think of the pool at Deanna’s apartment.
Kaitlyn and Megan are enjoying the pool as well.


Edited to add a fun action shot:

Snapshot: at the park


This morning I took the 3 youngest kids to the nearby community playground so the school aged children could work in relative peace.
Fun 1 on 3 time!

Baby mugging!

It sounds terrible but I hear that babies don’t mind being mugged at all.  They tend to find it amusing, if they notice at all.  See?


Have you ever mugged a baby?  Have you mugged anyone at all?  Leave a link to your own pics in the comments, or send me your pics and I’ll try to share them for you in a future post!

Snapshot: reading lesson


Perry begged to have Calvin sit with him during his reading lesson today, and Calvin was happy to comply.

Snapshot: morning Proverbs time

This is what we do each morning just before Dad leaves for work.  Weekends are hit or miss, but we’re well on our way to re-establishing this weekday habit.


My seat is to Perry’s right (your left, next to Rachael).  We’re short this morning by two slackers and a baby, and Megan looks like she needs to drink a little more coffee.

Snapshot: ready for adventure


Parker is dressed and ready to face the world, complete with coontail hat and “adventure boots.” He’s our little Davy Crockett.