Christmas deals

We’ve been eyeing this catalog with interest each time it arrives in our mailbox.  If you’re sad to see VF go, this company has a similar flavor in their toy selection.  Just thought I’d share their latest sale since I’m an affiliate. 🙂  They have hundreds of items at 60% off, and there’s still time for Christmas delivery if you really want it.


Post-turkey coma


… with glow stick.

30 Days of Thanks, Day 27: Mother-in-law

Today, I am thankful for this lady, the sweetest lil mother-in-law in Texas.


Now that they have settled in Tennessee she’s not always in Texas, but I think Texas will always be in her.


She was raised in east Texas with her six sisters, and has a soft deep drawl that adds a syllable or two to almost any word.


Wait, where is she?


Not only is she the mother of the man I love most in the world, but she has also been a second mother to me for more than half my life.
Today is her birthday. Happy birthday, mom-in-love!

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Art museum


At the McNay

On our way to Krispy Kreme…


For national Talk Like A Pirate Day!

One hour later:


Me ship ran aground, but the fine lads of ye Krispy Kreme put our jumper cables to good use and we were sailing the high seas again in no time.

AMA: Ask me anything

Well, that was painful.

After much psychological trauma, I’m happy to announce that my blog has moved to a new webhost and should be faster and more stable.

I have more complex feelings about the fact that my blogging addiction seems to be thoroughly broken.  After years of being glued to the computer screen, I now find it hard to sit down and focus on the glowing screen in front of me.  I’d rather be talking to my kids, reading aloud to them, reading to myself, lifting weights (my new addiction!), riding bikes with them, spending time with my hunney, or doing a hundred other things.

I also have a sneaking suspicion that I now waste as much time on my smartphone as I ever did in front of the computer.  I’m sure there’s an app to tell me just how much time I spend using my phone, but I prefer not to know.  It’s bad.  Oh, it’s soooo bad.

And it’s a hard habit to break because the dratted thing is so very useful.  I do my banking on the phone, pay bills and even use it to deposit checks.  It holds all my shopping lists.  It is my cookbook.  I use it to log the exercises I do.  I use it to snag deals on Craigslist and map my way to the seller, then I use it to resell my Craigslist deals.  I use alarms on my phone as reminders to water the trees, plan dinner, go to bed at a reasonable hour.  I use the calendar to remind me about dentist appointments, dinner engagements, church fellowships at home and abroad.  My Bible is on my phone.

My phone is my brain, and my connection to the world around me.  It’s eating me.  It ate my blog.  I love my phone, and I hate it.

Oops.  That was depressing, wasn’t it?  What I meant to say was,

I’m back!  I’m ready to blog, but I forgot how.  What do you want to know?  Ask me anything!

I don’t promise to answer anything and everything, but it’s a start.

Snapshot: googly eyes


When Bethany’s doll lost her eyes in a tragic accident, I found the perfect use for the package of googly eyes in my purse .

What? You don’t have googly eyes in your purse?

When we were done, I put the rest of the package in the treat basket.

See the little feet sticking out in the background? When Parker heard there were googly eyes in the treat basket, he made a beeline for the potty to earn his own pair of eyes.

Vision Forum stuff for sale

I know I usually make it easy for you and list items for sale right here, but Becca went to the work of typing up a post for the new blog she and Natalie started, so she really really wants me to send you over there to see what they have for sale.  Would you take a minute to thrill their little hearts and maybe even help Becca buy a birthday present for Megan?

Today I am going to sell some stuff. Item number one is a doll.  I will sell it for $50, including shipping.  I can also add any dresses, outfits or toys for the doll you want from the Vision Forum site for half price…

see the post


Come on…see how cute she is?


Actually that was a while back.  She has more teeth now.

Snapshot : Burger King


Treat time for Bethany, who finished her kindergarten math book this week!
She chose Burger King because of the snazzy crowns. The $1 fudge sundae probably helped too.

The meaning of life

Do you ever ask yourself why you are here?  What is the meaning of life?  If you believe the Bible, you should know that you were created in the image of God for His glory, with a soul that will last forever.  God knew you before He made the world, because you are part of His eternal plan.

If you believe in evolution, you probably don’t have an answer.  But take heart.  After all, you’ve got thumbs.  That makes you special, right?