Dove Beauty Sketches

Years ago, Dove shared an eye-opening video called Evolution of Beauty.  It begins with a rather average-looking young woman and displays the step-by-step transformation to super-model.

Recently, I saw another Dove video that stuck a chord with our family and friends.  This one compares the self-described appearances of women to how others perceive them.  As in the video above, the differences are striking.

I know it may be easy to criticize the worldview and goals behind the videos, but I think they make important points even for those of us whose mission in life differs from that of the Dove corporation.  🙂

We capture our invader [part 3 of the indoor squirrel adventure]


Part 1: In which we have unwelcome visitors

Part 2: Our unwelcome invader is revealed

It was a beautiful plan that couldn’t fail.  The squirrel would dive through its customary escape hatch and instead of freedom, the other end of the dryer duct would drop her right into a rabbit cage with me poised to snap the door shut.

Kaitlyn and Deanna were in the laundry room, waiting for my signal.  I was below, ready and waiting.  Unbeknownst to the rest of us, Becca had crept into the laundry room to watch, leaving the door open behind her.

You see it coming, don’t you?

When we were all ready, they prodded the hiding squirrel.  She shot out from beneath the laundry and instead of heading for the dryer vent she began skittering back and forth in a panic behind the dryer, around and between my squealing daughters.

“Where is it going?!  What should we do???”

“Grab it!  Get it!”

“There it goes!”


While I listened below in horror, I tried to piece together what was happening.  The squirrel had dashed around a bit, ran up the length of Deanna’s body and launched itself across the laundry room.  Then it had skidded past Becca and into the kitchen, where it hid behind the fridge.

They pulled out the fridge and scared it out with a broomstick, then I heard a thundering, laughing, yelling stampede cross the length of the house.  “Noooo!  Get the dogs!  Lock them up!”

The dogs barked helplessly from a bedroom as little paws skittered across the tile and children thundered back toward the laundry room.  I prepared myself.  Surely now the squirrel would escape and fall into my trap.

They yelled and headed to the other end again.  “It just flew off the top of the door frame!  It’s like a flying squirrel!!!”

“It’s behind the couch!”  I heard furniture sliding.  The stampede headed my way again.  I got ready to snap the cage shut, but with no expectation of actually being called to duty.  The noise moved again to the far end of the house.

“It’s in the Christmas tree!!!  Is it in the tree?  Where is it?”

I dutifully stayed at my post, amused but annoyed that I was missing all the fun.

Finally, I heard them moving one last time toward my end of the house.  Everyone was quieter this time.  The squirrel was exhausted, terrified, and losing hope.  It finally hid in the laundry room behind a small stack of vinyl tile.  As the girls moved the boxes away one by one, the squirrel’s body slowly emerged.  When the last box was moved, it stayed right where it was, hiding its face behind its paws.  They set a bucket over it and slid a vinyl tile beneath, and the chase was over.

I carried the empty cage up to the house where we carefully transferred our captive, and we all sat down to swap accounts of exactly what had happened.

note:  The video freezes after about 1.5 minutes. I tried to trim it but youtube was having problems so I’ll have to try again later. In the meantime, you’ll know when to stop because it gets really, really boring.

Monday video

I had hoped and planned to share a new video every Monday, but alas! My plans were foiled by 3 long days in town and some busy days at home.
Instead, I have some old-tyme fun to share here.

Perry IV’s Army Crawl – The first time my uncle saw him do this, he chuckled uncomfortably, paused, and finally asked, “Hey, uh…is there something wrong with him?”

Bethany’s Hilarious Crawl – Of all my crazy crawlers, she is the undisputed winner. Years later, I still can’t watch the video without laughing.

Perry IV’s First Haircut – This was as much fun to edit as it was in real life, maybe more. The soundtrack was a special touch by Perry III, and I think it makes the video!  Parker’s first haircut is long overdue, so look for a video of him soon.

Prince Kisses Frog – We couldn’t believe he really did it.  Now we know more about boys, of course.

Next week, I hope to get back to posting interviews with the kids, followed by interviews with other persons of interest.

Which of today’s videos was your favorite?  Would you rather see more informal family videos like these, or interviews, or a combination?

Giveaway: Shakytown and Monstrous Regiment of Women

Edited to add more ways to win!

For this week’s giveaway, we have 2 films that we intended to give away long, long ago:

SHAKY TOWN: A Documentary

The Gunn Brothers take you to San Francisco (“Shaky Town”) to show you a history of Christian persecution including fire bomb attacks, threats, legal assaults, and now, more recently, a mayor who attacks the Christian institution of marriage.

You’ll hear testimonies from Christian Heroes involved in a front-line battle against immorality in the so-called “tolerant” city. You’ll also see real video footage of Christian churches in San Francisco being attacked by violent groups of homosexuals. So be warned, this movie is not for the faint-hearted!


The Monstrous Regiment of Women!

The Monstrous Regiment of Women, The Gunn Brother’s award-winning second documentary, goes all out to demolish the feminist worldview. From a consistently Christian perspective, they show how feminism has had a devastating impact on the church, state, and family.

Starting with the infamous 16th century essay written by the reformer John Knox against the reigning female monarch, the Gunn Brothers find plenty of application to America’s political landscape; where feminists vie for every possible office including the presidency.

Featuring an all star, all female cast, the Gunn Brothers prove that feminism has in fact restricted choices for all women, brought heartache to the lives of many, and perpetuated the largest holocaust since the beginning of time.

Now the Gunn brothers have another exciting project in the works, this one guaranteed to stir up trouble.  It’s not part of this giveaway because it’s not even finished yet, but watch for it soon!

IndoctriNation: Public Schools and the Decline of Christianity in America

“IndoctriNation” is a 90-minute documentary film that takes the audience on a panoramic exploration of one of the most important and controversial issues in the history of mankind, the issue of education.

Traveling all over America with his family in a big yellow school bus and conducting a series of candid conversational interviews, Colin Gunn, a Scottish filmmaker, actor, and homeschool father of seven children living in Texas, is on a quest to discover the origins of our modern educational system.

What he discovers is a masterful design that sought to replace God’s recipe for training up the next generation with a humanistic, man-centered program that fragmented the family and undermined the influence of the Church and its Great Commission.

Part documentary, part testimonial — a confessional and a rebuke, this film is above all a challenge and an encouragement to millions of Christians who need to know what history, experience, and the Scriptures have to say about what is perhaps the pivotal issue of our time: the discipleship and training of the next generation.

Help finish IndoctriNation

Are you eager to see this film?  You can help!  The Gunn Brothers are offering $50 Backstage Passes to raise funds for the completion of the movie.  Pass holders receive:

  1. IndoctriNation” DVD – first run copy, mailed to you before the premiere.
  2. The Monstrous Regiment of Women” – a full-length online version of the award-winning movie.
  3. Shaky Town” – a full-length online version of the award-winning movie.
  4. Exclusive uncut footage of all of our interviews, updated throughout the production cycle. These include Samuel Blumenfeld, Doug Phillips, Herb Titus, Gary North, Erwin Lutzer, Ray Moore, David Goetsch, Kevin Swanson, Geoff Botkin, T.C. Pinckney, Martin Selbrede, David d’Escoto, Col. John Eidsmoe, Gary DeMar, Bruce Shortt, Israel Wayne, Joe Morecraft, and others.
  5. Access to unique backstage footage, including exclusive videos of producer meetings and behind-the-scenes footage.
  6. Access to our online VIP premiere of the film, to be experienced with friends and family as a tool to help stop the indoctrination of Christian children.

I’m gettin’ mine.  Get your Backstage Pass here.

Backstage Pass


One winner will receive both Monstrous Regiment and Shaky Town.  To enter the giveaway, do any or all of the following.  Please leave a separate comment here for each entry.

  1. Leave a comment on this post.
  2. Like IndoctriNation on Facebook.
  3. Like Life  in a Shoe on Facebook.
  4. Share this giveaway on Facebook.
  5. For 3 bonus entries, blog about this giveaway. Remember to leave 3 comments so you’ll be entered 3 times.
  6. For 3 more bonus entries, blog about the IndoctriNation movie and Backstage Pass.

We will take entries until Friday, August 26, then choose a random winner!

Giveaway #4: Your Backyard

Other giveaways:

Giveaway #1: Marie Madeline $50 gift certificate!
Giveaway #2: Navigating History
Giveaway #3: Spiral Slicer

One of the semi-finalist films at the 2010 San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival was this fun little gem, Your Backyard by Crowe’s Nest Media.

Your Backyard covers 18 birds commonly seen around feeders.  Those included were a nice mix of familiar and unfamiliar species.  I love that their songs were included so we can identify the more shy birds that tend to stay hidden.  My daughters enjoyed seeing actual videos of the birds that we see in our field guides.  Most of the species highlighted are widely spread throughout the US so you have a good chance of finding them near your home.

This video has inspired us to set out new bird feeders so that we can identify more of the birds in our area!

Be sure to check out the bonus features on the DVD, and the Crowe’s Nest Media website is also chock full of fun and useful info: a list and descriptions of all the birds included in the DVD, maps of their habitat, recipes for bird feeders, and a contact form to submit your own questions about birds.

The Giveaway

Here’s the fun part: the Crowe family has asked us to give away a free copy of Your Backyard to one of our readers!

Standard giveaway rules:

  1. For your first entry, visit the sponsor’s site, then come back and tell me what you think. Be honest and original.  By original, I mean say something more descriptive than, “Nice site.”  You’ll have to, because if you say that my spam filter will shoot on site.  By honest, I mean say something nice.  If you don’t like the site, then you don’t want to enter the giveaway so you don’t need to comment.  Right?  Right.
  2. For up to 3 extra entries, post about this giveaway on your blog, Facebook, and Twitter. Please be a friend and make my life easy by leaving a separate comment here for each time that you share about the giveaway.
  3. I’ll take entries on this giveaway for 7 days, then I will choose a random winner. If I procrastinate and/or forget to choose the winner, I will eventually choose the winner from among those entries that were submitted within the first 7 days.  Deal?

A woman’s place is in the home

Well, not exactly.

I may not agree with him on everything, but I usually like what Doug Wilson has to say, and I really enjoy how he says it.  I’ll even confess to enjoying his sarcastic sense of humor.  This time is no exception.  Is it bad that I was laughing at his feminist joke even before I heard the punchline?

The Baby Conference

Lord willing, I’ll be there with a 5 or 6 week old baby in arms. Will I see you?

The Baby Conference from Douglas Phillips on Vimeo.

More details have been posted on the Vision Forum site and registration is now open.

Too sweet not to share

Some things are too sweet to share, like the can of Almond Roca that my hunney brought back for me from Tennessee.  Others are too sweet not to share, like these adorable dancing children, hardly older than toddlers.  The video is aptly named Music Box Dancers.   I can’t believe what they can do!  I can’t seem to embed the video here, but trust me: it’s worth clicking over.

ht to The Common Room

70% off for you, and a guilt trip for me

I just thought you should know that Vision Forum’s latest sale features 40 DVDs for $119.  Don’t want all 40?  It’s not advertised, but individual items and sets from this sale appear to be 50% off.
I must be a bad warehouse manager’s wife, because I didn’t even know Vision Forum had that had that many DVDs.  How many of these have you seen?

I guess we need to watch more TV.

Forty DVDs for 70% Off!

Includes the following items and sets:

• What is Biblical Femininity? (DVD)
We Cannot But Speak (DVD)Ray Comfort is amazing, convicting and entertaining.  Not an easy combination, but he does it well.  Our whole family enjoys his presentations.
• Providential Nexus of Jamestown and Plymouth (DVD)
• The Promise: The Beauty and Power of the Fifth Commandment (DVD)
• Training Dominion-Oriented Daughters (DVD)
• Foundational Elements of a Godly Estate (DVD)
• The Culture Wars (DVD)
• The Person of Christ (DVD)
• You May Not Take Our Guns (DVD)
How to Disciple Your Family: A Plan for Generational Victory (10 DVDs)We were there when this set was filmed!  Can you see us?  Way up in the balcony – look for the pregnant lady with the swollen ankles.  They were huge.  I bet you can see them.
• Christianity & Western Civilization: Tracing 500 Years of the Influence of Christianity (10 DVDs)
Reformers and Revolutionaries (10 DVDs)Is it just me, or does Oliver Cromwell bear a striking resemblance to my own handsome hubby?  Look at the box – right side, bottom row.  Who knew Oliver Cromwell was so good looking?
• Darwin vs. Calvin: The Battle of the Millennium (DVD)

Instant rebates from Vision Forum and why I remember that it’s a good sale

If you know that during this time of year I have at least 5 or 6 family members at Vision Forum on any given day, you won’t be surprised that I’m keeping you posted on the sales.  Today it’s not just my hunney and 2 of my children, but also my uncle, 2 brothers-in-law, and a sister-in-law who gets to work side-by-side with her hunney.  They’ll be joining us for dinner tonight.

This week’s sale?  Instant rebates!  If I remember correctly – and I am right a surprising amount of the time when it comes to money – this was a hugely popular sale last year.

rebate banner

What?  Are you still snickering about my memory?  This guy has a theory on why women tend to remember particular things.  He has a lot of theories about how men’s and women’s brains work.  I think he’s onto something.  I’ve definitely seen the Nothing Box in action.

Here’s an extended version which I haven’t seen yet.