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This giveaway closed on 7/13/2011. Large Family Logistics book for moms of many

We’re really excited about this, and we think you will be too.  Did you see the 3 exclamation points at the end of this post title?  Think about it: how often have you seen me do that?  I am not an excitable person (unless there’s a scorpion in my bed).  But this, this is exciting!

Each of the 4 Moms is going to give away a free copy of Large Family Logistics by Kim Brenneman, highly organized mom of 10 kids.  Enter at all 4 of our blogs to pump up your chances of winning – you’re allowed!

And why do you think we’re giving away copies of Large Family Logistics?

Because we’re going to spend the month of August blogging through the book and we want you to join us.  We’re going to do 4 consecutive weeks of linkies!  The more, the merrier, so get ready and tell all your blogging friends to get ready too!

About the book:

Moms have many tasks to tackle and obstacles to overcome: the laundry monster, household clutter and cleaning needs, caring for babies and little ones, menu planning and mealtime routines, town outings, homeschooling, bill paying—and even more!

Like many wives and mothers, author Kim Brenneman didn’t start out with all of the answers. She struggled to figure out: What do I do next? What’s the best way to actually do the many things that need to be done? And how do I get everything accomplished in a 24-hour day and keep my sanity?

In Large Family Logistics, Kim outlines practical solutions she has learned to effectively manage a busy household. This how-to manual is filled with step-by-step procedures, easy-to- understand organizational advice, and a myriad of tips and hints for managing a bustling home with greater efficiency in a way that honors God and builds up family relationships.

Sensible and straightforward, Kim tackles the nitty- gritty, day-to-day challenges moms face and also offers sound counsel on how to plan and accomplish long-term domestic goals. An invaluable home management resource that will equip busy moms to get beyond survival mode and thrive!


Large Family Logistics Giveaway

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We’ll announce the 4 winners next Thursday.

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Ask the kids: Do you want a big family?

I asked earlier this week what question you would ask the children of a mega-family.  I want your questions to help with a secret project, but in the meantime I thought it would be fun to put the questions to my own children.

I’m starting with one that we hear quite often from friends, family and strangers alike.  I was really touched by how much their individual personalities came through in their answers. Believe it or not, these answers are totally uncoached and unrehearsed.  Am I the only one cracking up over Perry Boy’s answer?

Do you want a big family when you grow up?  Why or why not?

Deanna (17):

I like big families and I would feel perfectly comfortable having a big family but I don’t have my heart set on having a certain number of kids.  I feel equipped to have a big family, but at the same time I wouldn’t be hugely heartbroken if I only ended up having 2 or 3 kids.

I don’t believe in using any form of birth control – I very strongly believe that because I believe that God won’t give me more kids than I can handle and He won’t give me any kid in particular that I couldn’t handle, like a child with Down’s syndrome or autism.  If I couldn’t handle a challenge like that, He wouldn’t give it to me.

Besides all that, I want to have at least 20 grandbabies. I can’t wait to be a totally awesome grandma!

Kaitlyn (15):

Of course! I love kids and wouldn’t want to miss out on any of my kids that I might have had 🙂 . I love being a part of a big family and can’t imagine anything else (and I don’t want t0).  Lord willing I’ll have at least 50 grandkids to love and if I do my job properly I’ll have a steady stream of babies for all my life…

I always feel very proud of my parents when we’re all together and get complimented and I can’t wait for people to see my family! I think having a big family is a great public witness too.

Besides just loving kids the Bible makes it very clear that God wants us to have lots of kids. “Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth…” I don’t think it gets any clearer than that! God doesn’t say “if you want to and if it’s convenient for you I’d like you to have some kids”.

Lydia (13):

Yes, partly because it would seem very boring to have just 1 or 2 kids.  Also for Biblical reasons: “be fruitful and multiply…” and “children are a blessing from the Lord.”  And I like babies!

If God did choose to give me only 2 kids, it would obviously be because He had other things in mind to occupy me.  But right now 2 kids sounds very boring.  I think it would be easy to be content with anything more than 8 kids, because less than that would seem like a small family to me.

Megan (12):

Yes, I want at least 12 so I can say that kids are cheaper by the dozen.  If I go above 12 – heck!  I may as well aim to beat the Duggars!  But why do I want kids?  Growing up in a large family, I think if my parents had had less kids I would probably spend all my life wishing  they’d had more.

Natalie (10):

I do, because kids are very fun and the older ones would be very helpful.  I want my kids to have the same sort of life that I do, but I hope it’s even better for them – sometimes my sisters pick on me.  I just want a big family so I can see how hard it is, and it’s fun to be loved by everyone in a big family.  I think it would be nice to have between 10 and 20 kids.

Becca (9):

Yes!  I want a big family because it’s fun to see babies grow into kids.  Baby toes are so cute, and it’s fun to look at all their tiny clothes.  I like it when people say, “Wow!  Your baby is so cute!”  Also, I like to cook for a big family.  I think it would be fun to teach kids how to cook and read.

Rachael (6):

I’m fine with how many kids God wants to give me.  If He gives me a lot, I’ll be happy, but if He only gives me a little that’s ok too.  But I hope He gives me a lot!  I want 20 kids! – No, wait –  I want as much as God gives me.

Perry (4):

I want a bunch of kids!  I’m gonna have as much as God gives me.  If I stop having kids, then I want to adopt a little bit more.  I’ll adopt as many as God gives me, too.  I want to adopt ALL THE ORPHANS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!  And I’ll build a huge house, with a lot of bedrooms – no, with just one bedroom like we have, but really huge so all the kids can share it!  And I’ll be their dad, and my wife will be their mom.

And I want you to have some more babies.  I want 2 more brothers so we can have 2 teams and 2 people on each team, and we can play good guys getting bad guys.

[slightly condensed because he repeats himself and because nobody can type as fast as that kid talks when he’s excited.]

4 Moms, 35 Kids

4 Moms 35 Kids

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Connie is a Christian homeschooling mom to 8 rowdy children, wife for 25 years to one hunky golf pro, wiper of noses, writer of stories. She blogs regularly at Smockity Frocks.

Kimberly is a second generation homeschooling mom to her 10 children.  She is married to an amazingly patient husband, who also happens to be a magnificent father. Their family’s primary goal is to glorify God and to raise children who will do the same. For that reason they attempt to examine every decision that they make in the light of God’s word.  Many of their decisions may seem strange to the world and they’re good with that.  Kimberly blogs at Raising Olives.

The Deputy Headmistress is is shy and blogs behind a pseudonym which she intended to be amusing and somewhat self-depreciatory. She and the Headmaster locked eyes in a high school Sunday School class in 1979 when she was 17, and they have been merrily married since 1982, in spite of the fact that at 17 the DHM nearly got the HM beaten up by her other boyfriend, and at 20 she nearly got him arrested by a cop from church. Happily God helped her grow up, and He is gracious and forgiving, and so is the Headmaster.
They have seven wonderful Progeny both by birth and adoption, two handsome sons-in-law, one adorable grandson, and two precious unofficial foster sons, ages 5 and 3, who live with them about half the time. They have been homeschooling since 1988. The DHM, and
occasionally some of the Progeny, blog regularly about politics, family life, living in the country, books, music, cabbages, kings, and living the countercultural Christian life at The Common Room.

KimC (that’s me) is a Christian, a wife, big sister to 13 sibs, and the slightly-crunchy homeschooling mom of 10 children.  She lives with her very large family in a very small house in south Texas and finds peace in chocolate and blogging at Life in a Shoe: the methods and madness of one family of 12.

Her family shares their little house on the hill with dogs, gerbils, snakes, and tarantulas, and an 11 year old cat named Tim.  The chickens stay outside.  Usually.

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My first ever live radio interview

radioLast month when we were hunting down in south Texas I had the (first in my life) chance to be a guest on a live talk ration show. My good friend Adam McManus – the local Christian Radio firebrand who hosts a show on KSLR 630 am in San Antonio – hosted me to get my opinion on an article where a liberal goofball called me irresponsible 😉. Not really, but he did say,

I think we will work our way towards a position that says that having more than two children is irresponsible. It is the ghost at the table. We have all these big issues that everybody is looking at and then you don’t really hear anyone say the “p” word.

Naturally I was happy to oblige, since I know a thing or two about having more than 2 kids.

Well almost happy.

Remember I told you that I was in south Texas deer hunting?  Well, on this particular afternoon I was guiding instead of hunting.  I was not going to take the call but the young man I was guiding insisted that I take the call – regardless of what it did to his hunt.

SO I called and spoke rather softly 🙂  Most of the time I’m on the phone there are 4 big deer just off to the north of our deer stand.

Anyway I want to share the interview with you – Adam was kind enough to send me a copy so without further ado here it is:

My radio interview (click to listen)

Adam McManus on KSLR 630 AM

Adam on KSLR 630 AM

You can hear Adam’s show  “Take a Stand” every day ONLINE if you don’t live near San Antonio. Just go to KSLR.com and he is right there on the front page. You can also go to Adam McManus blog or email him at adam – at – kslr.com and you will receive his daily email action alerts and program notes. I’ve been a subscriber for over 5 years now. Very useful and very informative. It’s a great way to be notified of issues you need to call your Federal Representatives about.

Adam had another segment on February 18th about the weird (and I believe inappropriate) emotional attachments that are formed in the modern workplace. You can read a great article on his blog about this title “KSLR LISTENER & VISION FORUM BOARD MEMBER DON HART RESPONDS TO THE ADAM McMANUS SHOW SEGMENT ON “WORK SPOUSES”

Definitely worth a read.

Blogger in training…


Happy belated birthday to the prettiest girl in the world

From Perry:

My Hunney has been very faithful, over the life of our blog(s), to do birthday posts honoring the birthday person in question. The rest of us have been terribly negligent in reciprocating. Her birthday posts  have usually taken the form of a number of things you should know about the birthday person in question, the number corresponding to the age of the birthday person in question. Therefore in as much as it was her birthday a week ago and it takes one husband and 6 kids a week to get their act together and furthermore since a gentleman never reveals a lady’s age we present our list of 28 things we love about our Hunney, Mom, Mama, Mommie each in our own words.

So without further ado here are our lists

From Daddad-and-mom

  1. She has great taste in men
  2. She reads her Bible everyday
  3. Her deep dish pizza
  4. The way she lights up when she spots me across the room
  5. She gets up and cooks my breakfast in the morning
  6. She is neater than me
  7. Frugality is where she shines
  8. She works without complaining
  9. She shares my vision for training the children
  10. Her second and third toes overlap cutely
  11. She taught me to love Degas, and Renoir
  12. She always remembers birthdays and anniversaries in the family (and NO I don’t forget our anniversary)
  13. She likes books as much as I do
  14. The way her toes always point down when she crosses her legs is adorablemom6
  15. I love her long brown hair
  16. Her sense of humor – just like mine only gentle and kind
  17. Her civilizing influence
  18. The way she “translates” all the girl-speak and emotions into a language I can comprehend
  19. Her green eyes are deep enough to get lost in
  20. She has the most wonderful hugs in the world
  21. She makes sure I get my coffee
  22. She paints her toenails
  23. She buys history books
  24. She loves to read history books
  25. She is very patient even when I am not
  26. She is forgiving
  27. She reminds me to be forgiving
  28. Did I mention she has great taste in men?blind_date.jpg

Deanna’s list

What I like about Mom:

  1. She is a good cook
  2. She is patient
  3. She sets me  an example of godly femininity
  4. She sets anmom8 example of being a good helpmeet
  5. From the time I was little she has raised me to be a homemaker
  6. She has taught me to despise the example of ungodly feminism that the world holds up to me.
  7. She taught me to cook
  8. She taught me to read
  9. She taught me to love reading God’s word
  10. She potty trained me
  11. She she taught me the value of having a clean house (okay, fine, I’m still learning 🙂
  12. She taught me to sew
  13. She made all of us beautiful Easter dresses when I was six
  14. She bears with me even when I’m not the best daughter she could wish for
  15. She has taught me to love children and aspire to be the mother of as many as I can.
  16. She has taught me many of my comebacks and has added many smart-alecky lines to my arsenal
  17. She is teaching me to shop frugally
  18. She has taught me to love blogging
  19. She raised me with the rod of correction and didn’t let me be a little hellion
  20. She didn’t put me in a school, she chose to homeschool me instead
  21. She, and Dad have taught me to think, and not to mindlessly absorb the feminist, socialist agenda of modern American culturemom7
  22. She shares her chocolate chips
  23. She shares her clothes
  24. She doesn’t grudge my being at work with Dad too much
  25. She shares her jewelry
  26. She lets me have way too many knives
  27. She lets me burn things (hahaha fire!!)
  28. She usually cleans up when the dogs poop on the floor at 3 am

1. She taught me to tie my shoes
2. She’s good at writing
3. I look like her
4. She has a good sense of humor
5. She taught me to love chocolate
6. She bought ice cream for breakfast the other day
7. She let me keep my tarantula after it got loosemom9
8. She taught me to read
9. She wears her hair long

10. She’s patient

11. She’s good at math
12. She has good taste in clothes
13. She’s calm
14. She’s funny
15. She’s observative
16. She’s a good cook
17. She’s a good teacher
18. She strikes a good balance between too helpful and letting us do it all ourselves
19. She lets us try new things
20. She’s not squeamish
21. She fed my conscience spinach when I was little
22. She’s creative
23. She’s encouragingmomswish.jpg
24. She generous
25. She’s diligent in everything
26. The way she reads out loud
27. She’s beautiful
28. She’s my mom

Lydia says

1.  She made me who I am.
2. She taught me to cook.
3. Her humor.
4. She loves to share.
5. She taught me to read and to love it.
6. She taught me to cook.
7. She taught me to love just looking at God’s creation.
8. She taught me to draw.
9. She is a friend and a Mom to me.
10. She shares her Dark Chocolate.
11. She put up with me for 12 years.
12. She still loves me after 12 years.
13. She taught me to tie my shoes.
14. She let us do crazy things.beccapc
15. She helps me before I have time to ask.
16. She taught me to sew.
17. She is patient.
18. She taught me my love for horses.
19. She drew hundreds of horses for me when I was little.
20. She taught me to take care of myself.
21. She let me buy copies of books so that I have my own.
22. She let me keep a snake (Sestra).
23. She encorages me.
24. She has a brother that is younger than me.
25. She helps me.
26. She let a nagging little 8 year old(me) buy 2 rabbits.
27. She taught me to paint.
28. She is my Mom.

Megan loves the following about her Mom

  1. She is a good cook
  2. She likes garlic
  3. She puts up with us even when we are boogers
  4. She is understandingthe-crew
  5. She loves us
  6. She is patient
  7. She likes reading
  8. She doesn’t let us turn into brats
  9. She taught me to read
  10. She taught me to cook
  11. She taught me to sew
  12. She bought us ice cream for breakfast
  13. She buys me pretty clothes
  14. She bought us a globe
  15. She has beautiful eyes
  16. She layered my hair
  17. She likes chocolatemoms-shoulder2
  18. She taught me to like chocolate
  19. She buys lots of chocolate
  20. She buys lots of books (we have over 2000)
  21. She give me ideas for the story I’m writing
  22. She allows me to keep lots of books
  23. She has a precious baby
  24. She makes delicious pizza
  25. She teaches me to act and speak like a lady

Natalie opines

  1. How she teaches me
  2. How her eyes are green
  3. How her hair is brown
  4. How she taught me to draw
  5. How she taught me to do school
  6. How she makes chicken pot pie
  7. How she makes me love horses
  8. How she reads
  9. How she taught me to read
  10. How she is a good cook
  11. She taught me to cook
  12. She is going to buy me shoes
  13. She takes me shopping
  14. She loves usmom1
  15. She let’s us play computer games
  16. She loves Christmas
  17. She let’s us get on the computer
  18. She taught me to do jobs (household chores)
  19. The makeup she wears is pretty
  20. She makes me breakfast
  21. She taught me to walk
  22. She makes spaghetti
  23. She taught me to tie my shoes
  24. She lets me go outside
  25. It was her idea to buy a trampoline
  26. She taught me to love her
  27. She loves to read the Bible
  28. She lets us watch moviesmomgun.jpg

Becca’s list

  1. She taught me to walk
  2. She taught me to draw
  3. She does good french braids
  4. She helps me with my jobs
  5. She taught me how to tie my shoes
  6. She is teaching me to read
  7. She gets me good presents like : Shoes, dresses, and toys
  8. I like the styles she does in my hair
  9. The makeup she wears
  10. She shares
  11. The way she talks to me
  12. She reads to me
  13. She helps me make pancakes
  14. She helps me with my math
  15. She has green eyes
  16. She lets precious out for me sometimes
  17. She reminds me to clean my room
  18. She reminds me to make my bed
  19. She always wears a skirt
  20. The color of shirts she wears
  21. She puts games on the blog
  22. I like the posts she puts n the blog
  23. She is teaching me to sew
  24. The Shoes she wears
  25. She is teaching me to cook
  26. She taught me to brush my hair
  27. She is my mom
  28. She is nice to me

Big family in a small house, part 3: Floor plan

Did you miss the beginning? Start here:

Unlike many families, we had the privilege of laying out the floor plan in our house. We built it ourselves – with our own hands, that is; not in a call-the-contractor sort of way. We built this part of the house with a future addition in mind, so this is not the final structure; it’s temporary, but not short term. We wanted to keep the cost low so we started small while trying to plan for the most efficient and practical use of the space we were creating.


First, we planned just 3 smallish bedrooms. We knew this would be tight but we felt that we could get by with 3 for quite some time, and living areas were a priority to us. In our home, bedrooms are used primarily for sleeping, dressing, and quiet time. None of these activities requires a tremendous amount of space. We strive to live together as a family so we didn’t see a big need for a lot of private space in our home.


We have only one bathroom. We really would love to have another half bath, but simply couldn’t find a good spot for it without encroaching upon the main living areas. The second toilet simply didn’t make it to the top of the priority list. This was a tough decision, and we regularly question the wisdom in it, but usually agree that we made the right choice. Usually these questions arise early in the morning.


We have a 6×12 laundry room, which also contains a huge upright freezer and pet supplies. This works, but not very well. The freezer crowds the walkway badly, but we live with it because the freezer space is important to us.  Eventually we hope to move the freezer outside the back door.

Incidentally, we don’t keep any dirty laundry in the laundry room. I find that this is a recipe for disaster: out of sight, out of mind. I keep all the dirty laundry in my bedroom in two small stacking bins: one for lights, and one for darks/brights. We reach the point of overflow at just 2 loads, and this is a good thing. When things overflow in my bedroom, I see that they are taken care of promptly. Keeping up with the dirty laundry is not a problem in our house. Clean laundry, on the other hand…

Living Areas:

Our living room, dining room, and kitchen are one long open area. We wanted to keep an open feel to the house that would allow guests and occupants to move freely. We didn’t waste any space on hallways, and we didn’t break up the open living areas with walls. It’s not a very large area, but it feels much larger than it would have if we had divided the rooms. We think it works very nicely.


We also invested in a deck in front of the house. On nice days this gives us a significant amount of additional space, since it’s half the size of our house. The children often play out there, and the older ones love to go out and just gaze at the view or watch birds and look for deer.

I mentioned above that we intend to add on someday. We built this house for expansion: there are door headers hidden inside the walls to make it easy. Some of our interior walls were built to be temporary: those dividing the 2 children’s bedrooms are only 8 feet high and don’t reach the vaulted ceiling overhead. This adds to the open feeling, and when we add the Bedroom Wing those walls will come down to give us a nice big formal dining room.

There are wide door headers, big enough for double doors or a sliding patio door, on the end of the living room and another similar header on the exterior wall centered between the children’s bedrooms.  We haven’t decided where we will add on first, but one of these will probably eventually lead out to another deck while the other will open into the Bedroom/Bathroom Addition.

cont’d here: Big family in a small house, part 4: Entertaining Guests