Birth stories: I love them!

It’s Wednesday, and still nothing.  I’m not feeling nearly as impatient as I probably sound.  I’m actually feeling a little foolish for my apprehension over the last few weeks.  I should have known that the baby wouldn’t come until I felt good and ready – that’s the way it’s always been, and I’ve always thought that God planned it that way for most of us.  I should have trusted His timing more and worried less about the calendar and my own state of mind.

But now I’m feeling eager and ready in spite of the fact that I’m really enjoying this pregnancy.  It’s a pleasant surprise to have so much energy and so little discomfort at this point, which makes it a little puzzling that I’m so ready to face the pains of labor and be done with this pregnancy – but only a little puzzling.  There’s quite obviously a sweet reward at the end, and who wouldn’t be excited about that?

And speaking of the reward at the end, what mother doesn’t love reading birth stories?  Is it silly that I always get teary-eyed at the end?  I don’t know why, but I can’t resist.  This one is real tear-jerker. I dare you not to cry.

I’ve shared most of mine in the past except for The Boy, since I live-blogged his labor and never thought to write up a single cohesive account of his birth.

I also asked for links to birth stories when I was expecting Bethany – this is when I discovered those by One Thing.  She tells a great birth story, and has plenty of them to tell.  I think her birth stories kept me entertained for several centimeters while I labored with Bethany.

Now, even before I could ask you all to share more links to your own or other favorite birth stories, I found that Kimberly at Raising Olives is sharing hers too – and boy, does she have some stories to tell!  Here’s her first, and her second is split into part one and part two.  I can only assume the series will be ongoing since she’s expecting #10 in just a few weeks.

But I still want to know – where are your favorite birth stories?