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Adventurous Boyhood Lives!

I want to throw out a couple of links to 2 young blogger friends of mine whose writing I admire.victory-or-death

  1. John Horn wrote a post waaay back in November that I enjoyed on Boy’s and Toy Soldiers He also has a great giveaway running on this post.
  2. Joshua Titus put his virtual pen to electronic paper and produced a squib on the motto  “Victory or Death!” it’s thought provoking and timely.

Here is a taste of it:

Travis drew a line in the sand and offered every man in the Alamo an “honorable” way out of this death trap. Out of 190 men, only one crossed that line.
Each of those men died. But they sent a message to the world that Texans would not surrender their homes, their families, or their freedom. They also held the Alamo long enough to set things in motion for the men who would ultimately defeat the Santa Anna. If it weren’t for the Alamo defenders who refused to flee or surrender, there might not be a Texas today.

Faith by Hearing

Image Credit: Faithbyhearing.wordpress.comI recently stumbled across the blog of a Canadian gent who is blogging “to collect and categorize the ever-growing availabilty of great Reformed and conservative evangelical audio preaching & teaching”

In his own words:

Faith by Hearing is designed to collect and categorize the ever-growing availabilty of great Reformed and conservative evangelical audio preaching & teaching that has a high view of God and Scripture.  This is not merely a machine gun listing of sermons and lectures (though it may seem like that at times.)  This is a personal project to encourage others to be blessed by the preaching and teaching of godly men who are faithful to the all-powerful Word of God.

(excerpted from faithbyhearing.wordpress.com/about)

The post that caught my attention was “Patristics for Busy Pastors: An interview with Ligon Duncan” on the importance of studying the early church fathers. I’m about halfway through it so far and am really enjoying the message and look forward to getting some of the books in the bibliography at the end of the post.

Tech stuff

I recently subscribed to the daily email updates for CNET’s webware blog I found a handly little tool called CL Desktop

It’s a handy way to search craigslist, and it pulls the images from the criagslist posts asthubnails/previews when you do your search. Best of all it’s free!

GOTW – Alba Gu Bra

This week we are giving away the Vision Forum Scotland faith and freedom tour entitled “How the Scots Saved Christendom”

You will have the chance to travel with my good friends Doug Phillips, and Colin Gunn, as well as Christian Historians Joe Morecraft, and Bill Potter to the land of Scotland and learn about the roots of Christianity in the British Isles.

For over 1600 years God has blest the men and women of that tiny island with a missionary zeal that has saved civilization with its dominion oriented zeal to carry out the great commission.

From Columba to the Covenanters you will be amazed at the depth of Christian history in that little country on the edge of the ocean.

To enter simply go the the product page for the set by clicking on one of the images above and come back and tell me which of the messages you would like to hear most. Extra entries for anyone who blogs about the drawing and comes back to tell me in the comments.  One more extra entry to the first person who can define Alba Gu Bra.

Finally read up on R,M, Ballyantyne at my friend Joshua Titus’ blog Ballantyne the Brave, you’ll want to be familiar with it when we do our Ballantyne Giveaway in a few weeks 🙂