Vision Forum Top 10

Yes, I’m plugging yet another Vision Forum sale.  Because I can’t resist, and because it’s going to be great…

…and also because my affiliate commissions are going to make for some nice Christmas gifts for my kiddos.  🙂  Are you an affiliate?

Savings are huge!

  • 20% off all toys
  • 30% off all books, audio and DVDs
  • 50% off select gifts, many of them top-sellers
  • $5 flat-rate shipping

Want some ideas to help you shop?  Here is a bit of insider info:

Current Top 10 Best-Sellers at Vision Forum:

  1. Amphibious Tank
  2. Princess Adelina
  3. The Little Boy Down the Road
  4. Folding Grappling Hook, Climbing Claw, and Climbing Boot Spikes
  5. Jonathan Park vol. 1
  6. Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo
  7. Jonathan Park Goes to the Aquarium
  8. Sneakiest Uses for Everyday Things
  9. Forever Flashlight
  10. Wrist Communicators