Cloth diapers: your input needed

I posted this question over at the Frugal Hacks Forum, but I’m betting you all have diapered a lot of bottoms so I want your input.  You could answer here or at the forum.  I’m watching both.

Here’s the question:

OK.  After trying my sister’s Kushies on our baby, I’m ready to take the plunge.  Kushies are $38/5 at  I’m willing to pay that much if necessary, but does anyone know a better source or brand?

Here’s what I liked about Kushies and hope to find in a cloth diaper:

  • All-in-one, i.e. no need for plastic pants over top of the diaper
  • Velcro closures.  I would consider other types, but they have to be kid-friendly.  No pins, please.
  • Easy cleaning.  These Kushies have a handy sewn-in flap that dangles into the toilet so I can swirl and flush the dirtiest part to my heart’s content without ever dipping my hand or the rest of the diaper.  I like that feature!
  • Plenty of absorbency.  We didn’t have to change her twice as often just because she was in cloth.

I don’t like that they come in two sizes, so I can’t use the same incredibly expensive diapers for 2 1/2 years on the same child.

Is there a better option?  Is there a less expensive option that provides comparable features?