Once more because we need to hear it.

Download the audio on Behemoth.com for free here: Doug’s ‘Freedom at Risk Speech’ on behemoth.com

2 quick things of interest

(from Perry)

We are enjoying a nice visit with family, details to follow, but in the meantime I wanted to share a couple of things with y’all

On Monday we will be announcing a very cool very big behemoth.com related giveaway – with a bonus drawing for everyone who helps us spread the word.

Did you know you can get free Vision Forum content at behemoth.com?  Do your friends know? That’s right there is a “free today” section on the right side of the front page of behemoth.com, there you will find a new free track everyday that will stay up for 2 days so that you an your friends and your friends friends and their friends….will have plenty of time to snag it.

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Vision Forum on NPR?

NPR just released their story about the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival you can hear the story HERE – go have a listen and leave a comment – let’s prove that not everyone who listens to NPR is a cranky liberal 😉