An open letter to working moms

Dear Working Mom,

I see you nearly every time I’m out with my children.  Sometimes you are very young, sometimes you look older.  You might look happy one day and tired or stressed the next.  You are different every time I meet you, but you say the same thing to me nearly every time:  “You’re so lucky.  I wish I could stay home with my children but I just can’t afford it.”

Usually I smile and agree that I am blessed, but quite honestly  I’d like to challenge you.  You say you can’t afford to stay home.  Maybe you can if you’re willing to make some changes.

  • Will you trade in your 2 year old car for a 13 year old mini van?  The side door might not work very well.  Yes, it will break down occasionally on your way to the kids’ dental checkups, but that’s ok.  Your dentist will understand.  Do plan to change a flat every now and then, since you might be driving on older tires.
  • Will you buy your clothes at thrift stores from now on?  I know your clothes aren’t terribly expensive now, but even inexpensive clothes add up when you buy them new.  No, you won’t always be able to wear exactly what you want, but you might find that it’s not such a big deal if you’re spending most of your time at home.  Your kids won’t make fun of your fashion sense.  Well, not unless they’re teens.  Then I can’t vouch for them.
  • You might have to reconsider cable TV.  Anyway, the last thing you need is to watch the average 5 hours/day of TV.  Too much of it is about working moms driving late model cars and wearing all those clothes you won’t be buying.
  • Something as simple as grabbing pizza on Friday night might become a financial decision, carefully weighed out.
  • Your children should expect some changes too.  Ballet lessons, karate lessons, and sports might go on the chopping block.  They might be among the sad minority that does not possess a laptop or cell phone.  They might never visit Disneyland.  Summer camp might even be crossed off the calendar.  Don’t let the guilt get to you.  Just like adults, children are not entitled to all the best in life.   Children need to understand that these things are extras.  They are wants, not needs.  The sooner your children know this, the happier they will be.
  • Would you be willing to sell your house?  If you’re serious about wanting to stay home with your children, this might be what it takes.  Are you willing to live in a smaller, older home, in a lower priced neighborhood?

To sum it up, are you willing to give up a middle class lifestyle?  I know you’re not rich now, but you could get by on less if you really had to.   Is staying home with your children worth that much to you?

I realize that not every situation is the same.  You might be a single mom, struggling just to keep the electric on.  Some churches would help you, but you might not be in that sort of church.

You might be willing to make all the lifestyle changes that would enable you to stay home but your husband insists that you work.

Maybe your husband is disabled, and truly can’t support the family.

Maybe you have other truly extenuating circumstances.

Or maybe you didn’t really mean that you’d love to do it.  Maybe you just meant it might be kinda nice, if you didn’t have to give up any of your current creature comforts.

But maybe, just maybe you really never thought of it this way and now you realize that you can afford to stay home.  Will you do it?

My first ever live radio interview

radioLast month when we were hunting down in south Texas I had the (first in my life) chance to be a guest on a live talk ration show. My good friend Adam McManus – the local Christian Radio firebrand who hosts a show on KSLR 630 am in San Antonio – hosted me to get my opinion on an article where a liberal goofball called me irresponsible 😉. Not really, but he did say,

I think we will work our way towards a position that says that having more than two children is irresponsible. It is the ghost at the table. We have all these big issues that everybody is looking at and then you don’t really hear anyone say the “p” word.

Naturally I was happy to oblige, since I know a thing or two about having more than 2 kids.

Well almost happy.

Remember I told you that I was in south Texas deer hunting?  Well, on this particular afternoon I was guiding instead of hunting.  I was not going to take the call but the young man I was guiding insisted that I take the call – regardless of what it did to his hunt.

SO I called and spoke rather softly 🙂  Most of the time I’m on the phone there are 4 big deer just off to the north of our deer stand.

Anyway I want to share the interview with you – Adam was kind enough to send me a copy so without further ado here it is:

My radio interview (click to listen)

Adam McManus on KSLR 630 AM

Adam on KSLR 630 AM

You can hear Adam’s show  “Take a Stand” every day ONLINE if you don’t live near San Antonio. Just go to and he is right there on the front page. You can also go to Adam McManus blog or email him at adam – at – and you will receive his daily email action alerts and program notes. I’ve been a subscriber for over 5 years now. Very useful and very informative. It’s a great way to be notified of issues you need to call your Federal Representatives about.

Adam had another segment on February 18th about the weird (and I believe inappropriate) emotional attachments that are formed in the modern workplace. You can read a great article on his blog about this title “KSLR LISTENER & VISION FORUM BOARD MEMBER DON HART RESPONDS TO THE ADAM McMANUS SHOW SEGMENT ON “WORK SPOUSES”

Definitely worth a read.

How did they not see this coming?

One sad side effect of abortion has been that the proponents of this atrocity are killing themselves off. They rarely have enough children to replace themselves and their husbands (I can hardly bring myself to use the generic term partner).

But now another effect is being observed. Due to sex selection, especially in poorer nations, the gender balance is being tilted – away from women. A practice that has been promoted and touted as women’s rights is resulting in the gradual extermination of women around the world.

Sex-selective abortion is a fact of life in India, where the gender ratio has declined to 1,000 boys to 900 girls nationally, and as low as 1,000 boys to 300 girls in some Punjabi cities.

In China, the state-enforced “one child” policy has brought about the most gender-distorted demographic cohort in global history… If you can only have one kid, parents choose to abort girls and wait for a boy, to the point where in the first generation to grow to adulthood under this policy there are 119 boys for every 100 girls.

In practice, a “woman’s right to choose” turns out to mean the right to choose not to have any women.

And what of the Western world?…

Read more here. I don’t necessarily agree with all the conclusions of the author, but the trend itself seems undeniable and fully predictable.