And the winner is…

Thank you for all the entries in our drawing for a free copy of Princess Adelina!  We had fun writing and cutting out all the little slips of paper, but I think the most fun was watching The Boy draw a winner from the hat.

Please excuse his near-nakedness.  He’s sick, and I’m much rather just pull of a diaper and toss him in the tub as necessary, than peel nasty clothes off over his head before the inevitable tub-toss.




And the winner is…

Michelle from Heart of the Prairie

Congratulations!  I’ve emailed you to request your full name and mailing address so we can send out your book.

Thanks again to everyone else who played along and helped spread the word about our family’s book.

If you didn’t win, I hope you’ll consider buying a copy of this very special book from our own website, Princess Adelina, or from the publisher, Vison Forum.

Giveaway of the week

update:this drawing has ended. Watch for the winner to be announced on Friday and another drawing on Monday.

Don’t hold me to this, but I’d like to start doing a weekly giveaway.  I’m going to kick it off with the obvious choice:

Remember I posted about it here?  There was a free download of a full track, so check it out if  you missed it.  And my friend Mother Hen has another full track that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

Now you can enter a drawing to win the full album!


Just go to the Vision Forum website and look at the list of 100 animals included in this fun new album.  Then come back and tell me which one you’d most like to hear.

On Friday, I’ll announce a winner who will receive the album for free – but to make it even more fun, I’ll post another free download of the most-picked animal from the entries.  That way, everyone’s a winner!

free download:

And now, here’s one more to whet your appetite: one of my favorite zoo exhibits, the hippo.  Not many animals can balance cute, dangerous and disgusting as well as the hippo.

Now, can you hear the TV announcer’s voice?

but wait! there’s more!

Remember my friend Mother Hen?  Go see what she has for you this week. Hint: it will go very nicely with what you found here.  And the comments on her post are sure to be a hoot!

It’s time for a giveaway: choose your book!

update: this drawing has ended.

Remember the Paperback Swap giveaway?  We did this once before and it was a lot of fun, so I’m ready to do it again.  I learned of some great books that I had never heard of when you all posted your choices, and I’ve received many of them from PBS since then.

I’ll also confess that we got loads of free books for referring all the people who decided to join Paperback Swap and we’re low on credits.  Must…have…books!

According to PBS, we’ve received 144 free books of our choice so far, including:

…and many, many more!   We are also on the waiting list for 200 different titles.  When we reach the front of the line for a particular wishlist title and it becomes available, PBS will email us and hold the book for us for up to 48 hours.  It’s a great system and we’ve received many books from our wishlist already!

I’m going to be lazy efficient and copy the instructions from the old drawing:

We get more free books for referring new members, so we’re going to pull a little publicity stunt.

TO ENTER: Go to the Paperback Swap website and browse 1.8 million books, then come back and leave a comment telling me what book you would choose if you won.  If you like what you see, why don’t you join and list 10 books?  New members get 2 free books of your choice from PBS right away!

We’ll choose a winner from among all the comments and the winner will receive the book of her choice, absolutely free, delivered right to her doorstep. That’s the way Paperback Swap works, and we want you to have a little taste of what members enjoy all the time. Then you’ll want to join and we’ll get free credits for referring you, and hubby can keep ordering new books to his heart’s content while I try to find room for them on the bookshelves.

Watch Frugal Hacks for a chance enter again!

the small print:

  1. Please be sure to choose from Available Books, not Wish List books.  This should be easy since Available Books is the default choice.  Otherwise your title of choice might not be available if you win.
  2. WInner must have a mailing address in the US.
  3. If you win and your choice is not available for some reason, I will email and ask you to choose another title.
  4. If you win, please email me promptly when you receive your book so I can mark it received on the PBS site.

Free stuff is fun, right?  Find more giveaways at Bloggy Giveaways!