Jonathan Park vol 1 free for all, plus a $50 giveaway!

edited to change expiration date on coupon: good thru Saturday.


Don't miss the $50.00 Giveaway at the bottom of this post

Today through Friday Saturday, anyone with a account can download the entire first volume of Jonathan Park!  That’s 12 full episodes!

If you haven’t experienced Jonathan Park yet, you’re in for a treat.  This is one our very favorite Vision Forum products.  Jonathan Park is an exciting, dramatic old-timey radio program in which a boy encounters one adventure after another, always learning new things about creation science.  Everyone will learn something new, and even the adults we know enjoy the stories and learn plenty of new proofs against evolution.

Each Jonathan Park album contains 4 CDs and retails for $25 on the Vision Forum site.  The complete album as a download at usually costs $17.95, but this week only you can get it for free with this coupon code:

Jonathan Park vol. 1 coupon code: JONATHANPARK

That’s easy to remember, right?  Just go to and  create an account, you will need to enter a credit card number (just like iTunes), but you won’t be charged. Once your account is created and you have logged in, follow these instructions exactly:

  1. Click on the “cart” link in the top right corner
  2. On the cart page you will see a field on the right underneath the “Redeem a Coupon” Heading
  3. Enter the code “jonathanpark” – without the quotes
  4. Enjoy the FREE Jonathan Park downloads that have appeared in your cart
  5. 🙂 Smile because free is good. 😀

This offer is NOT limited to new accounts so if you already have a account login and enjoy.

While you’re there, check out the DAILY freebies on the front page.  These are complete downloads of messages that might already be on your Vision Forum wishlist.  You have to be quick to catch them, so bookmark it and check back often!

You’re welcome.  🙂

PS. Please be patient when you try to download.  Due the extreme popularity of this giveaway, the Behemoth servers are under a heavy load.  If you have trouble downloading you might want to try again in a few hours.  Don’t worry – if you haven’t downloaded it, it will stay in your cart indefinitely.

NOTE: Because of copyright laws is a store that is only available to customers with a US credit card and a US billing address. No international cards or addresses will work.



Blog about the Jonathan Park coupon above , and this $50 dollar contest and come back to leave a link to your post, and you will be entered in a giveaway for $50 in free downloads from!

If you’re not sure where to start, we recommend The Widow’s Might.  It was the $101,000 grand prize winner at the San Antonio Independent Christian Film Festival, and is an incredibly well done film!  The soundtrack is a close second.  We’re frugal people, but the soundtrack was so good that our children pooled their funds to buy the soundtrack themselves.  It really is that good.  You can click on any of the tracks to hear a brief sample.

Giveaway of the week

update:this drawing has ended. Watch for the winner to be announced on Friday and another drawing on Monday.

Don’t hold me to this, but I’d like to start doing a weekly giveaway.  I’m going to kick it off with the obvious choice:

Remember I posted about it here?  There was a free download of a full track, so check it out if  you missed it.  And my friend Mother Hen has another full track that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

Now you can enter a drawing to win the full album!


Just go to the Vision Forum website and look at the list of 100 animals included in this fun new album.  Then come back and tell me which one you’d most like to hear.

On Friday, I’ll announce a winner who will receive the album for free – but to make it even more fun, I’ll post another free download of the most-picked animal from the entries.  That way, everyone’s a winner!

free download:

And now, here’s one more to whet your appetite: one of my favorite zoo exhibits, the hippo.  Not many animals can balance cute, dangerous and disgusting as well as the hippo.

Now, can you hear the TV announcer’s voice?

but wait! there’s more!

Remember my friend Mother Hen?  Go see what she has for you this week. Hint: it will go very nicely with what you found here.  And the comments on her post are sure to be a hoot!