Vision Forum sale: Instant Rebates

The newest sale at Vision Forum has been announced, and I suspect we’re going to be buying Christmas presents for our kids this time.  This week you can save up to 35% on anything and everything in the store!

rebatesThe sale ends Thursday night, and there’s still plenty of time for Christmas delivery, even if your honey doesn’t work in the Vision Forum warehouse and bring the goods to you when he comes home at night.  Don’t be jealous.

Vision Forum Top 10

Yes, I’m plugging yet another Vision Forum sale.  Because I can’t resist, and because it’s going to be great…

…and also because my affiliate commissions are going to make for some nice Christmas gifts for my kiddos.  🙂  Are you an affiliate?

Savings are huge!

  • 20% off all toys
  • 30% off all books, audio and DVDs
  • 50% off select gifts, many of them top-sellers
  • $5 flat-rate shipping

Want some ideas to help you shop?  Here is a bit of insider info:

Current Top 10 Best-Sellers at Vision Forum:

  1. Amphibious Tank
  2. Princess Adelina
  3. The Little Boy Down the Road
  4. Folding Grappling Hook, Climbing Claw, and Climbing Boot Spikes
  5. Jonathan Park vol. 1
  6. Jonathan Park Goes to the Zoo
  7. Jonathan Park Goes to the Aquarium
  8. Sneakiest Uses for Everyday Things
  9. Forever Flashlight
  10. Wrist Communicators